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Wrap Round Fendering -

Wrap around Fendering with served ends
We can make Wrap Round Rope Fendering (or Kabelaring, to give it its correct name) for any craft to your own requirements. This consists of natural fibre coir rope with a wire rope worked through the core.

serving the ends on a kabelaring
Serving the ends on a Kabelaring
The finished ends are usually a served sailmakers whipping of synthetic hemp. The wire finished in a splice or eye terminal.
Served end with Talurite wire eye splice
served end with eye terminal

The price examples below are per metre of "worked" Kabelaring and include materials and labour.When the wire is added the original rope diameter increases - both sizes are given in the price list below. Please add to this the cost of finishing the ends.
Price/metre (fender diameters given in brackets)
Galvanised wire
32mm (36mm)
40mm (48mm)
48mm (58mm)
64mm (75mm)
72mm (85mm)
96mm (112mm)
ADD cost of finishing the ends 
32mm - 48mm      £18.75/end
64mm - 96mm      £26.50/end
32-48mm  £29.75
64mm-96mm £37.50
Please email or call us to discuss your individual requirements.
Wrap round fendering - Kabelaring